I Click Portraits, Drink Coffee, Direct Videos, Design Graphics & Websites and Motivate People.

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Hi there! I am Dollar Gill, a 22-year-old Punjab-based Photographer, Filmmaker & Graphic Designer.
My journey as a photographer began 3 years ago (2017). I started with capturing landscapes, macro, urban life (the usual beginner photos). However, it was not until I did my first portrait session with my friends that I began to gravitate towards portraiture-based photography.  
When I work on a project I try to keep elements simple and ordered, without leaving out originality and liveliness typical of my personality. What brings me the most happiness is seeing people admiring me and appreciating my art.
For me, it is all about the inspiration I can give to others to be their most creative self. From working with brands that align with my passion for creating an ethical, sustainable world to mentoring people to gain the confidence, clarity, and motivation that they need to put their creative ideas into action, it is my pleasure to share my journey with this amazing community. 
As an educator and mentor, I strive to embolden individuals in the photo-sphere, with the knowledge, skills, and self-assuredness to realize their own respective creative projects and artistic vision(s). 
In all that I do and create, I aspire to empower expression and impel individuality. 
Instagram: @dollargill

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My Hobbies Include Having No Time For Bullshit


Apart From Being Super-Legit, What I Do For a Living.

Dollar Gill - Portrait Photographer


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Good Design Is All About Making Other Designers Feel Like Idiots Because That Idea Wasn't Theirs.

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The One's Who Say "You Can't" Are Afraid That You Will

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Senior Graphic Designer, Advisor and Branding Head at Bastta.in

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Content Featured on Top Brands like Amazon, Myntra, India Today, United Nations, Respectable Men, Lens.com, Moto.it, and much more...

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Content Featured on Top Brands like Canon, Hindustan Times, Respectable Men, Lens.com, Moto.it, and much more...

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Got my First Camera Canon EOS 700D

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