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Posted by dollargill
November 3, 2021

No indicates no: Tinder rapist 'too dangerous' for parole

No indicates no: Tinder rapist 'too dangerous' for parole

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  1. Canterbury
  2. Christchurch

A Christchurch-based Brazilian people who raped their Tinder day - claiming this individual don't know the woman repeated cries of "no" were a sign for him to circumvent - will always be in imprisonment since he try a risk some other people inside brand new Zealand and overseas.

Fernando perform Nascimento Barbosa continues to make a case for his approach, saying the guy "misread" the circumstance and unique Zealand society.

But his or her target offers spoken exclaiming the man believed just what actually he had been doing - and she wants some other people both here and overseas discover his title and face so they really usually are not wounded when he happens to be sooner or later and undoubtedly launched.

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