Lithuania only restored its autonomy from the Soviet Union in 1990, a lot of guests remain unaware of what to expect when visiting.

Lithuania only restored its autonomy from the Soviet Union in 1990, a lot of guests remain unaware of what to expect when visiting.

If you are planning a trip and wish to discover a bit more before you go, see their helpful selection of 12 issues that can be unforeseen, surprising, or heartwarming when seeing Lithuania.

Stern Confronts, Warm Minds

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Even the dreary winter weather is exactly what trigger this type of dour expressions, but dont count on lots of moving smiles. But as soon as you become company with a Lithuanian, you have a sort, lifelong friend.

Many People Talk English

Generally of flash, individuals under the chronilogical age of about 30 will talk exceptional English. However, every Lithuanian, regardless of what their age is, will value your try to understand some words of their language. Various Lithuanian terms to master are labas, indicating hey and aciu (noticable ahchoo), indicating thank-you.

A Lot Of People Furthermore Communicate Russian

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As a whole, individuals older than 30 (and some on the younger generation as well) communicate proficient Russian. Visitors which speak Russian can effortlessly connect, but as mentioned above, an attempt to speak some Lithuanian might be valued.

Carrots tend to be King

Lithuanias national dish, cepelinai, consists of potatoes stuffed with chicken. Travelers should expect potatoes to get the main focus of several traditional meals as well as the musical accompaniment to leading classes. Vodka can also be a drink of choice many Lithuanians, and much of regional vodka is made from carrots. Therefore, delight in some carrots with a side of potatoes!

Hold off to Cross the Road at Crossings

Really usually better to hold off to cross at designated crossings if you find a sign positioned. This is exactly both for safety, as cars wont decrease, and jaywalking is simply not practised here.

Relaxing at Cafes

Cafes are present on just about any block in Vilnius and so are well-known spend time spot. do not feel like you should hurry away after finishing your own coffee-and dessert. Really totally appropriate to take pleasure from a lengthy break from an active day or to relaxing up with a great women looking for men publication.

Children are every where

Unique parents will appreciate the point that offspring come with mothers every where in Lithuania. Site visitors will identify sleep children snuggled inside their strollers at cafes, diners, and shops. Kids stay using their households at even the fanciest dining to take pleasure from food intake. If the climate is wonderful, groups flake out outside at park or perhaps in the playing field in which teens tip.

Kids are absolve to feel Kids

Dont getting alarmed if you notice unaccompanied kiddies, actually kids. Lithuania try a secure country for toddlers. Girls and boys frequently walk home from class alone and guests will discover strollers outside with young ones resting while the mothers appreciating dinner or java inside. On vehicles, girls and boys usually ride alone and generally are exempt from the shuttle authorities.

Shuttle Authorities

One more thing to know before you decide to see Lithuania is specially necessary for visitors who plan to need public transit. Although it may sometimes be tempting to ride the shuttle without paying for a valid violation, site visitors shouldnt possibility it as shuttle police all of a sudden quit vehicles along her route. Those who are caught must pay a steep fine. Legitimate tickets can be bought from kiosks or on coach and must be validated right away whenever boarding the bus.

Squat Toilets

Though very unheard of, tourist may sporadically encounter squat commodes in public places. Some bus channels outside Vilnius have squat commodes as really does Vingis Park. Moreover, visitors whom may experience a squat lavatory should appear prepared with structures as rest room paper isn’t provided.


Though often an involuntary routine in a lot of customers, whistling should be avoided whenever visiting Lithuania. Whistling is found are both impolite and is thought to contact spirits or spirit, and that means you wont hear Lithuanians whistling.

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